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September 25, 2011 - Present


5 Empty Smiles [Video]

This is almost cute. If you killed someone this week, I wonder who would pay the price?

4 Empty Smiles [Video]

[Kamui is nowhere near the dance, but he can certainly still hear it.]

So noisy. Screaming away your final moments of freedom, is it?
[He's smiling, as always, as he stands at the entrance to the Minbari Skyscraper and looks out on his own quaint illusion: a battlefield strewn with dead and mutilated bodies. For the first time since his latest arrival, it seems this recording is intentional. Especially since he's watching the corpses almost fondly.]

I wonder. If this isn't hell, maybe hell's come to us.

Tell me. Do you think you deserve it?

2 Empty Smiles [Accidental Video]

[It is extremely early on Sunday morning, and Kamui is lounging up against a tree. His umbrella is closed and at his side as it's still dark, but despite the added shadows of the tree's branches, a great deal of red is visible all along his torso, bleeding through his torn white shirt. He's actually taking great pains simply to keep his lungs pumping air. And to top it all off, atop his disheveled red head is a large, fuzzy pink cowboy hat.

An apple falls from the tree and rolls next to him. He picks it up and pops the whole thing into his mouth, chewing loudly and with horrendous table manners. Good thing he's no where near a table.

It's not rice. But that wasn't a fight either.

[Still mumbling to himself, he tries to stand up, only to have another apple fall right onto the ridiculous hat and bounce next to the PCD. Kamui doesn't notice it's recording. He's too busy snagging the free food.]

1 Empty Smile [Accidental Video]

[A teenager with salmon colored hair and dressed in thick, Chinese-styled clothing stands atop of a small pile of rubble. Rather than appearing perturbed or even concerned, the newcomer seems unaffected, possibly even content. One hand holds the handle of a purple Chinese umbrella that's outstretched over his head while the other shields his eyes as he looks out at Adstringendum with a small smile.]

This is new. It looks like a fun place to have a fight. Too bad Mr. Earth Brawler isn't here to see this, ne?

Am I still cursed then? And just as things were getting interesting too...

[His smile doesn't falter, though there's an edge to his voice at those last words. Just as quickly as it comes, however, it's gone, and his hand drops to land in a fist on top of the one holding his umbrella.]

Ah! I wonder if this really is hell. How disappointing.

IC || Voicemail

Hmmm? Is that how this works? If this is long distance, it had better not be collect.


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Character: Kamui
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